You can find a whole range of craft beer cans in store and online at Morrisons. Here's why cans are ideal for craft beer...along with  some of the most distinctive designs to keep your eyes peeled for - all with equally distinctive flavours.

The craft of packaging beer

Cans - think of them as miniature kegs - are increasingly popular when it comes to craft beer. Lots of brands are expressing their creativity inside and out, with bright, colourful, arty illustrations - as well as some subtly stylish designs - to mirror their quirky brews.

Craft beer cans are also great for keeping the flavours intact. Bottles and cans both keep heat and oxygen away from the beer and prevent 'tainting', but cans have the advantage when it comes to keeping light - which can also harm the taste - away from the hoppy compunds inside. By this logic, it's also worth making sure you enjoy your craft beer in a shady spot to get the flavours at their best.

Benefits Of Craft Beer Cans:

  • Craft beer cans keep out heat, light and oxygen to preserve flavours
  • 330ml is ideal for serving in a schooner for the best taste
  • Lighter than glass bottles - good for camping or days out
  • Handy size for fridge storage, and chill quicker
  • Ringpulls mean no need for a bottle opener
  • 'Tinnies' are no longer made of tin or steel - no more metallic taste 
  • Cans are allowed in many places where glass is not - like festivals

Craft Beer Cans To Look Out For...

Craft Beer Cans Pathmaker

Pathmaker Pale Ale

Chinook hops give this one a bold malty mouth-feel and a moreish, crisp bitter finish.

Craft Beer Cans Pistonhead

Pistonhead Full Amber Lager

A dark full-bodied brew. It's dry hopped with Citra and Cascade Hops to offer a spicy citrus edge.

Craft Beer Cans New World

New World IPA

This hoppy English IPA is brewed with British pale malts and five hop varieties. It has a sweet malt forefront, solid bitterness and citrus with tropical and grapefruit notes coming from our generous late copper and dry hop additions.

Craft Beer Cans Longhorn

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party is a hazy New England IPA. This beer has big, juicy, tropical notes of lime and citrus but is delicate and sweet, with a light symphony of flavours.

Craft Beer Cans Wilderness IPA

Wilderness IPA

The North Pennines where this beer is brewed is known as England's last Wilderness - a West Coast style IPA which is full of tropical citrus fruit flavours and aroma.

Craft Beer Cans 13 Guns

13 Guns

This one is intensely hoppy with a rich mouth feel, offering malty flavours with soft tropical fruit aroma and taste.

Craft Beer Cans Flight Suit

Flight Suit

A punchy, refreshing Orange Pale Ale crammed with 5 different hop varieties. This beer is dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria to get a heady marmalade aroma and a refreshing orange sharpness.




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