Alessi's Story

Alessi was born at the height of the COVID pandemic. Mum, Reagan, had a stress-free pregnancy but the labour was far from straightforward. Many things happened all at once, but ultimately Alessi’s heartbeat stopped. Once she was born, they were told the news no Mum or Dad ever wants to hear: their daughter was unlikely to live for very long. 

Alessi now needs round the clock care. She regularly has terrifying seizures and needs to be suctioned constantly and tube fed. “Me and her Dad take turns to sleep so that someone is always with her. At the same time, it’s a constant struggle to get the support we need – emotionally, financially and practically.” Reagan explains. “There’s no one else in our family bar Mitch and I who can care for Alessi. No one who can relieve us. Except the Jessie May nurses, they are trained professionals and I know Alessi is safe when she is with them.”