These tasty treats from our The Best range will add an extra slice of ‘special’ to your summertime picnics - whether you’re having a garden party celebration or just want to pack something for a little al fresco dining on your next day out.

The Best Scottish Black Pepper Smoked Salmon

Start your picnic with a special serving of salmon - this one is smoked in a traditional Scottish smokehouse for 14 hours over oak and cask chippings, and finished with cracked black pepper.


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The Best Black Olive Breadsticks

Instead of plain snack sticks, take these hand-finished baked alternatives and make your outdoor picnic nibbles that little bit more special.


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The Best Iberico Selection

Just the thing to nibble on at your next picnic, these Continental cuts are a top choice if you want to pack an assortment of extra-special seasoned dry-cured charcuterie.


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The Best Sunflower & Pumpkin Loaf

Make your sandwiches even tastier with this picnic loaf alternative - it’s packed with sunflower, linseed and pumpkin seeds for a rich, nutty taste.


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The Best Asparagus Spears

Make a delicious dish to take with you - asparagus is great for warm weather salads, and we’ve prepared a simple recipe that you can prepare for your picnic in just 30 minutes.


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The Best Extra Crunchy Coleslaw & Baby Charlotte Potato Salad

This duo pack is delightful as a dip or as an extra ingredient for sandwiches. extra crunchy for added bite, it's just as good on its own as you pick at your other al fresco bites.


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The Best Whole Cooked Lobster

Take your picnic menu to another level with our ready-to-eat whole lobster. It’s sweet, succulent and so good for sharing.


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The Best Vegetable Crisps

Swap your usual packed lunch packets of crisps and add a little more sophistication to your spread with these tasty alternatives - crunchy slices of parsnip, sweet potato, beetroot and carrot all lightly salted with sea salt.  


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The Best Apple Frangipane Tart

Here’s a real sweet treat. This special frangipane has British Bramley apple filling, Jonagold apple pieces and an all butter almond sponge for your al fresco showstopper - remember to pack The Best cream too.


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The Best Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Serve up a little sunshine in a glass. This freshly squeezed juice is a must for your garden get-togethers or days out, and a 150ml serving contains 1 portion of your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables too.


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The Best Sicilian Lemonade

Chill out with a glass of this sharp and zingy lemonade - freshly squeezed and ready to pour for outdoor enjoyment.


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Try our Ham and Picallilli Picnic Loaf recipe

This whole-loaf sandwich is filled with ingredients from our The Best range. You can create this in under 15 minutes and it will serve up to 8 people.

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