Born and brewed in Masham, North Yorkshire, ‘Best Bitter’ was the first beer produced by Black Sheep. Now, for the first time ever, this much loved pour is available on supermarket shelves in a 5l mini keg  - only at Morrisons.

Brewed using generous helpings of peppery whole flower Fuggle hop and made using fresh Yorkshire Dales water & the best British malted barley, each Black Sheep Best Bitter 5l mini keg contains 8 pints - ready to pour at home after chilling.

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5 steps to the perfect pint

  1. Hold your favourite pint glass under the tap at 45 degrees
  2. Follow the mini keg instructions place the tap just below the glass rim
  3. Pour the beer - slowly - at the halfway-up point of the glass
  4. Slowly straighten the glass as the beer starts to reach the top
  5. Stop your pour when you have around a 1cm head

Top tip - make sure your glass is clean for every new pint - this helps you get a great foam head and good flavour every time.