We select fresh British meat direct from the farm. We make our own steak burgers and sausages, and our skilled butchers will cut your meat just how you like it. They're happy to share tips on how to cook it too. So next time you call in, be sure to ask for their expert advice - as well as something delicious for dinner.

100% British Meat from British Farms

We're proud to source our good quality, great value meat from farms across the UK. At Lows farm in Whixley farmer Richard Winn gets up at 5am every day to feed the cattle. He knows exactly where his livestock comes from, so we know exactly where our meat comes from. 

"I get up around 5am to feed the cattle. It's a big job making sure they're all farm assured, but we know exactly where they all come from - they all have their own passport that stays with them all their life." - Richard Winn

Recipe Ideas

You can find Market Street products in some of our favourite recipe ideas. Take a look below for inspiration and try something different next time you're cooking at home.