These Halloween crafts for kids are a great way to add even more excitement to 31st October. From DIY decorations and a twist on pumpkin decorating (no need to carve) to edible treats you can make together including spider's web toffee apples, Twiglet broomsticks and more, these activities are scarily easy for the whole family to try in the run up to the big night.

Carve-free Pumpkin Decorating Crafts

There's no need for carving kit with these twists on tradition. Take a look at the four pumpkin decorating ideas below and let the kids get creative when it comes to filling the house with creepiness.


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Glitter-ball Pumpkin

Get your glitter on with the kids this Halloween and make a simple, sparkly decoration or two for the doorstep. We've used Halloween-purple for ours, but you can mix things up and sprinkle different combinations for yours.

Make a Glitter-ball pumpkin

'Starry Night'

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Scary Starry Pumpkin

Make your pumpkin the star of the show (and the street) with this fun decoration. Use your favourite Halloween cookie cutters too for added effect - it's a simple way to get the kids involved in decorating without them having to carve.

Make a Scary Starry pumpkin


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Hedgekinhog Pumpkin

This one's a cute-yet-creepy idea for Halloween craft time with the kids, and will light up your table or doorstep. Use LED fairy lights for a flame-free decoration on your doorstep or in the home, and create a petrifying pet for 31st October.

Make a Hedgekinhog pumpkin

'Crying Crayons'

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Crying Crayons Pumpkin

This one needs a little help from the adults when melting the crayons, but the kids get to do the crafty part by sticking them onto your pumpkin and creating the rainbow pattern. The more colourful the better, and you can create different looks like black and red for a dracula theme...or lots of different greens for a zombie centrepiece.

Make a Crying Crayon pumpkin

Crafts For Indoor Decorations

This fun pair of easy-to-make Halloween craft ideas are great for the kids to try. Make as many as you can together to fill your home and add some homemeade finishing touches to you fright night.  

Handy Goody (Or Baddy) Bags

A great way to serve up the Halloween party bags at your monster's ball, this craft is handy if you don't have much time to spend on decorations but want to add a little extra theatre to your table. Grab some latex gloves, sweets, ribbon, beading wire and plastic spiders to get going with our instructions below.



1. Fill a latex glove with a selection of wrapped sweets – packets of Love Hearts work well in the fingers.

2. Tie the top with ribbon - you can use whichever colour fits your Halloween theme, or old torn material instead.

3. Tie thin wire round a small plastic spider and fix to one finger for a creepy crawly ring to finish off the look.

4. Hide the hands around your house, or leave them on your doorstep for the trick-or-treaters to grab.

Spider's Web Sacks

Add these fun and spindly sacks to your room on Halloween to create a fun look - just get your claws on some PVA glue, small water balloons, white wool and a few plastic spiders and follow the instructions below.


1. Put two to three squirts of glue into a plastic container (like an ice cream tub) then add approximately half a cup of water until you have a runny glue/water mix. Add more water or glue to get the right consistency.

2. Cut about a metre and a half of white wool (or use more if you'd like to make a bigger sack), then soak in the glue and water mix. Blow up a water balloon as big as you'd like (you may need to use a pump).

3. Squeeze the excess moisture from the wool and wrap it all the way around the balloon. When you’re happy with how much you've covered, give the balloon one last roll in the glue mixture for extra creepiness.

4. Leave overnight until totally dry. Once dry, pop your balloon with a pin (ADULTS ONLY) and throw the balloon away. Tuck one of the plastic spiders through the hardened wool then add a loop of wool to hang.

Crafts You Can Eat

These fun food ideas double up as great decorations for your party table. Try our Spider's Web Toffee Apples and Witches' Broomsticks and add more bite to your buffet.