If you need winter craft ideas for kids when the weather keeps you indoors, we have a few tricks up our raincoat sleeve. Whether the kids want to make-their-own, paint-their-own or design-their-own, here are some top tips for activities that will keep them happy in the colder months.  

Design An Umbrella

Brighten up the rainy (or snowy) days with a paint-it-yourself umbrella kit. This one contains a plain umbrella, card stencils, paint, paintbrush and detailed instructions. By using the paints and stencils, you can create your own stunning designs.


View the kit here


Craft Some Bead Jewelry

How about a heart-themed craft session when the winds are howling outside? Here’s a great wooden bead set to keep everyone occupied for an arty afternoon indoors, with a variety of colours and patterns to jazz up your day. A handy wooden storage tray with compartments will keep the beads and colourful stringing cords neat and organised too.


View the kit here


Make Glow In The Dark Friendship Bracelets

This crafty idea makes for the ideal sleepover activity over the winter - just get the kids to use one wheel for braiding two types of glow-in-the-dark bracelets and light up even the darkest of afternoons - before wearing them in the dark to show off the colourful creations.


View the kit here


Make a Dream Catcher

Another great way to spend a day is to make something to enjoy at night - so why not make a colourful dream catcher together? The ideas is that it will catches all those bad dreams but lets the good ones through - so the kids should enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep after an exciting day of crafty fun.


View the kit here


Get Creative With Aquabeads

Make your very own Aquabeads jewels that sparkle and shimmer just like the real thing with the Aquabeads Jewel Set. From hearts and flowers to beautiful butterflies and pretty bows, the template sheets in this kit provide plenty of creative inspiration.


View the kit here


Paint A Tea Set

Paint a miniature tea set with colourful ceramic paints and enjoy a cosy tea party indoors if the weather isn’t behaving itself. Simply follow the designs on the box or create your own unique designs as you enjoy a fun and creative activity.

400-Tea-Pots.jpgView the kit here