24 Hours In Farming is an annual event that shines a light on the great work British land and livestock farmers do from dawn to dusk every day. We want as many people as possible to be involved in 2018, by jumping on social media and getting to know the people behind our products.

24 Hours in Farming - starts 5am on Thursday 9th August

For 24 hours, the farming community will share posts that highlight the great work our British farmers do. 

Join us on Twitter and Facebook and see just how much work goes into producing the meat, poultry, veg and dairy produce you buy from Morrisons.


Why British Farming Is So Important To Us

A report by leading experts on global food issues, led by The University of Leeds’ Professor Tim Benton, shows that only 52% of food eaten in the UK comes from British farmers. That’s something we’re always looking to improve at Morrisons, and our partnership with 24 Hours in Farming is just one of the initiatives we’re supporting that will help give our agricultural industry the attention it deserves.

“Morrisons is already British farming’s biggest single customer and the publication of the report from Professor Benton makes us more determined to produce more of our food and source more from local British suppliers.”
Andy Higginson, chairman of Morrisons

Tell your story

If you're a Morrisons farmer, we’d love to see you on social media throughout the day on Thursday 9th August. We already know how hard you work, but this is a great way to show off your skills to people who don’t usually get to see your efforts first hand. Here are some ideas for what you could do:

  • Host an on-farm tour or event and film a snippet of it to post online
  • Give a talk to a local group and get them to Tweet (@Morrisons) what they learn
  • Keep a diary to share a day in the life of your farm - tweet every hour with updates
  • Post mini-interviews - grab your camera and ask other workers on the farm what they love about working on it

Getting involved is easy - and you could inspire the next crop of farmers to make sure Britain carries on producing top quality vegetables, meat, poultry and dairy produce.