Our fresh pork, chicken, beef, lamb and turkey always comes from UK farmers we trust. Here are just some of the farmers we work with.


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Lincolnshire British Beef

Rearing high quality livestock for Morrisons for the past 7 years

“Into our 4th generation of farmers, we’ve been tending cattle and crops since 1909 in the small village of Alvingham in Lincolnshire. We look after over 800 acres of land which consists of wheat, barley, rape and peas – as well as grazing pasture for our 75 suckler cows.” 

The Shucksmiths

"Working with Morrisons has allowed us to concentrate on delivering high quality cattle and gives us confidence in buying great British beef in our local store." - The Shucksmiths

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Nidderdale British beef

A farming family for 100 years, supplying Morrisons for 15

“As the third generation of the Lister Family to farm in Nidderdale, I run a farm of both arable and grassland. This means I can home-grow all my own food for our 350 beef cattle - which are naturally farmed on the grass during the summer and comfortably housed during the winter. The cattle are grazed on the rich Nidderdale pastures ensuring a consistent product.”

David Lister

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Scarborough British beef

Supplying high quality livestock to Morrisons for over 5 years

"Our family farms a 100-head of beef cattle in the Duchy of Lancaster village of Cloughton, Scarborough - alongside 1,200 acres of mixed arable and grass. We’re the 4th generation to farm here, with the 5th showing a keen interest too! We run the farm on a ‘low input basis’, which means we graze the cattle out on pastures over summer and finish them inside in the winter. We finish the cattle on cereals so we have a nice covering of finish/fat on the beef to add to the succulent flavour."

Joe Green

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East Riding British beef

Homegrown feed for high quality beef

“My wife and I farm 300 acres of land, here in the heart of the East Riding. Having supplied Morrisons with prime beef for over 10 years, we like to think we know a lot about high quality beef! The farm has been in the family since 1983 and has grown to what now stands as a 550 head cattle unit, which finishes cattle on home grown crops including maize and silage. Our system allows ourselves to feed the cattle in a way to create a little marbling in the beef to add to eating quality.”

Jonathan Atkinson

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North Yorkshire British Pork

Backing British Farming with Morrisons for 10 years

Our family farm for Morrisons in the picturesque village of Pickhill, North Yorkshire. My ancestors have been farming since the 1500s and I followed in their footsteps - we’ve owned our own farm since 1964 and we currently have 750 sows set on 700 acres of land. Our two children love helping on the farm and are keen to carry on the family tradition too!

Stephen Fall

"Working with Morrisons helps to sustain our farm for the 5th generation and it's great to see our pork on the Morrisons shelves." - Stephen Fall

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North Wales British beef

Working the land in Wales

“Farming has always been in my blood, and I followed in my grandad’s footsteps - I’ve been a farmer since leaving school. We now have a herd of around 400 cattle that graze on 500 acres of Welsh farmland in the market town of Holywell in North Wales.”

Matthew Roberts

"We’ve been working with Morrisons for nearly 20 years and have a good working relationship with the livestock team, it’s good to see them supporting British farmers for so many years." - Matthew Roberts

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Cumbria British Lamb

Just one of our 3,000 dedicated British farmers

“I’ve had a keen interest in farming since childhood - I grew up on the farm and learned everything from my father. We farm in the Eden Valley in Cumbria, and our family have owned Barrackend Farm since 1984 - farming over 700 sheep in a light and airy purpose-built barn. To ensure our livestock get the best possible nutrition, we also grow and harvest our own feed from 350 acres of arable crop meaning we are almost self sufficient and makes us fit for the future.”

Paul Coates

Paul also farms Pedigree Shorthorn Beef for Morrisons. Watch the video to find out more.

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Northallerton British pork

Supporting the British farm and pig industry

“I farm 350 acres near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, and I’ve been sending my pigs to Morrisons for over 14 years - we currently supply over 13,000 per year which is more than 240 a week. I’ve worked with the business for 14 years through a desire to support the British farm and pig industry, because I know that Morrisons will continue to offer a fair price.”

Andrew Atkinson

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