If you're looking for Christmas tree decoration ideas to freshen up your festive displays, here's a range of on-trend ornaments to get you started on your 2018 bauble-buying. Santa's delivered a selection of cute Reindeer, Polar Bear, Robin and other hangers that are all the rage this year - available online for home delivery as part of your groceries order to make this year’s festive shop a piece of (Christmas) cake.

Top Tips For Tree Decorating

‘Dec’ the halls – for less

A good fake tree will work year after year But if you do want a real one, it’s worth buying a smaller, better-quality pine that won’t drop all its needles on Christmas Eve.

Build on what you’ve got

Look through decorations you have and work out a theme based on a selection of them. You then only need to buy a few extra bits to create a whole new look.

Look after your decorations

When it’s time to pack everything away for another year, wrap things in their original boxes, coil up fairy lights and store delicate decorations in a hard box so they won’t get crushed. It’ll save the disappointment (and expense) of unwrapping broken bits next year…

Get creative

Customise plain baubles with acrylic paint, glitter and sequins. The kids will love to get involved. Or make your own decorations: thread wire through popcorn to make a garland, or hang dried slices of orange and cinnamon sticks alongside fairy lights.

DIY Decorations

Homemade Trees For Your Tree


Homemade decorations are great fun to make and add an extra layer of joy to your Christmas preparations. This delicate tree decoration stands out from the crowd and is so easy to make. All you need is a few bits and pieces to get started:

● Coloured A4 paper

● Scissors

● Needle and thread

● Beads

How to make this tree decoration:

  1. Cut a 1cm strip of paper along the longest edge of an A4 sheet.
  2. Thread a needle and tie a knot in the end of the thread. Add 2 or 3 beads onto the thread as the tree trunk.
  3. Pass the needle and thread through the end of the paper strip and then add a bead to the thread after the paper.
  4. Bend the paper back on itself and push the needle through the paper once again. Thread on another bead.
  5. Repeat step 4 ensuring the paper bends get smaller each time until they have formed a tree shape.
  6. Add a final bead and tie a knot to secure it. Finally, tie a loop from the remaining thread to use for hanging up on your tree.