Scandi Chic is the on-trend look for fans of minimalist interior design. Here are five top tips from our Home expert Paul O’Donovon to help you bring the slick, minimalist look and relaxing atmosphere of Scandinavian interior design into your living space.

  • Focus on lighting
    Scandinavia has few hours of sunlight over winter months, so lots of different types of lighting are often used in living spaces. Your lightshades and lamps should have clear, modern lines and be sleek in appearance. Candles combine well with electric lighting to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Favour neutral colours
    Whites, blacks, greys and browns are used in Scandinavian interior design to create a clean and simple space that’s relaxing as well as eye-catching. Pockets of bright colour can then be introduced to add bold accents to a room or within different textiles and furnishings such as cushions.

  • Look for simple accessories
    Scandinavian style favours geometric patterns, contemporary shapes, as well as subtle colours and textures. Your ornaments and accessories should be clean and uncomplicated.

  • Choose cosy textiles
    As it’s so cold in Scandinavia, soft and warm textiles are often used in a room to create a sense of cosiness. Use throws and cushions in wool, cotton, sheepskin and mohair to accessorise your room.
  • Look for natural materials
    Scandinavian interior design makes a point of trying to connect people to the outdoors. To create a Scandi chic look, go for products which use natural materials such as wood, slate, metal, ceramic and glass.