These Top 10 New Year’s resolutions are a great way to focus the mind (and keep your body in tune too) after the excesses of Christmas. Setting goals not only gives us something to aim for, but also puts us into a positive habit of challenging ourselves and looking at how we can live and feel a little better in 2020.

So, what could you do to make a fresh start once the last of the Christmas guests have left and there are no more leftovers, leftover? Here’s our quick New Year’s countdown designed to help you decide on a resolution (or a few) to stick to in January and beyond.

10. “Learn To Cook”
If you’re a beginner in the kitchen, starting to cook simple homemade meals can be really satisfying, not to mention tasty. Try setting yourself a target of making dinner from scratch at least three times a week. You could give each week a theme, like ‘Spicy’, ‘Vegetarian’ or ‘Italian’ and hone your skills in a particular cuisine, or simply mix things up with easy recipes.

And if you’re still finding your feet when it comes to making something to eat, recipe boxes are a great way to leave the ideas to someone else - you get all the fun of cooking meals from pre-packed ingredient ‘kits’ and easy-to-follow instruction cards... without the trickiness of thinking up a dish in the first place.

9. “Stop Smoking”
This is easier said than done, but our in-store Pharmacists are always on hand with advice and support you need to get you through - in the privacy of our consultation rooms. We can also point you in the direction of NHS and other helpful services, and you can find patches, sprays, gum and lozenges in store and online.

Did you know, only 3% of smokers stop without help?

8. “Be More Organised”

Do you find you’re chasing your tail all the time? If so, make a list. Jot down your priorities for each day, and divide your time into 30-minute, one-hour and two-hour chunks. Then go through the list and allocate the tasks you can realistically achieve in those chunks. It’s a great way of reducing stress and getting chores done.

7. “Spend More Time With Family & Friends”
Making time to see family and friends - especially for a relaxing roast dinner -  is a great way to make sure you catch up regularly, have a laugh with those closest to you and find out what everyone else is up to. It’s also a great opportunity to talk through anything that might be on your mind, or help loved ones through tricky situations if they’re finding things tough for any reason.


Bringing the whole family together means the kids can spend time with cousins too, while the grown-ups talk about grown-up things.

Make specific plans, such as eating with the family weekly or having a monthly date night with your partner. Use visual reminders, such as notes on the fridge or family photos at work.

6. “Recycle More”
We’re doing lots to help our customers and colleagues recycle and reuse wherever possible. Take a look at some of the ways you can go greener this year with Morrisons - and take a look at our quick tips to get started:

  • Look for the recyclability of products, which is displayed on the packaging, and try to buy recyclable products where you can.
  • Invest in some recycling boxes so that you can easily separate your paper, glass, plastic, etc.
  • Find out where your local recycling centre is and what you can take there by contacting your local council
  • Recycle batteries by taking them to a Morrisons collection point in store

Each year the UK gets through 40 million tonnes of portable batteries. Only 45% of this is recycled, which means around 22 million tonnes of batteries are either sitting in our homes or have been dumped into holes in the ground or burnt.

5. “Take Up A New Hobby”

Finding something you can put your heart into is a great way to relax, have fun and achieve a sense of satisfaction, too. You could start growing your own vegetables; get gardening with a ‘challenge’ project; learn to play a musical instrument; start a reading group; or go to an art class. Visit for inspiration. You’ll be amazed at how taking up an activity can boost your confidence too.


4. “Be Tidy”
Tidy home, tidy mind. Make time to declutter your life of items you no longer need, want, use, like or have room for. This can be therapeutic, and bring a sense of freedom and new beginnings. In throwing out the old you can make room for the new, and move on free from excess baggage. Donate items to charity or use freecycle ( to give unwanted possessions to others who may be in need.

3. “Reduce My Carbon Footprint”
Households have a bigger impact on the environment during the colder and darker winter months specially. Try to reduce the carbon footprint in your home with these top tips:

  • Use the timer on your central heating, so it’s only switched on when people are at home.
  • If you’re feeling the cold, put on an extra layer of clothing instead of turning up the thermostat.
  • Close your curtains at night to help prevent heat escaping out of the windows.
  • Make sure you turn the TV off when you are not watching it, leaving it on standby still uses up energy.

2. "Volunteer For A Charity"
Everyone’s a winner with this one. You get to meet new people, help those who need it and keep active too. For plenty of simple ways to volunteer or to find a volunteer centre near you, visit - or speak to the Community Champion in your nearest Morrisons to find out how you could get involved with fundraising or volunteering for local organisations, or our charity partner CLIC Sargent.

1. "Exercise more"
Putting your trainers on and going out for a run might be the last thing you feel like doing when the weather’s cold, but you’ll feel a million dollars for it. It’s a good idea to find a local club or even just a couple of friends to run with, both to motivate you and to help you feel safe if you’re running in the dark.


Walking is great too, and a lovely way to spend time together with your family. According to the National Association for Mental Health (MIND), a one-hour walk in the middle of the day could be as helpful as light treatment for coping with the winter blues. Pick a local beauty spot for a weekly wander with the kids, try using your lunch hour to get outside for a brisk stroll in the park, or even just round the block or your office building.

The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity, such as walking, weekly.