The Morrisons Flower Show is now on, featuring our ‘The Best’ bouquets, pot plants and gardening essentials. To find out more, we caught up with our flower buyer Chelsea Settle.


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Tell us what's happening this week, Chelsea?
Our very own Morrisons Flower Show is now on in store, where we’ll be showcasing our 'The Best' range of flower bouquets.

What's so great about the Morrisons flower range? 
All Morrisons flowers are carefully selected by our growers and checked by our team to ensure great quality, long life and the best possible price. We have our very own florist-designers at Morrisons who individually create each one of our bouquets, from selecting the flower species we use to the positioning of the flowers in the bouquet and those personal touches like wraps and gift tags. Each element is carefully considered and we are listening to our customers and working with some of the world’s best floristry designers to bring beautiful new bouquets to our customers.

Why do you love working with flowers?
I’ve always been a creative person, and working with flowers brings so much freedom to express yourself through design. There are thousands of flower species, all different colours and shapes, I am constantly learning and it is a lot of fun being surrounded by flowers, helping to design our unique and beautiful bouquets. It’s also really rewarding to think you could be helping a customer to brighten someone’s day with flowers, whether it be for a special event or a little every day surprise.

Here are Chelsea's five picks from the Morrisons Flower Show:

1. Avalanche Roses
"Our most premium roses. Look out for them in our ‘The Best Bliss Peach’ bouquet."

2. Bloom Chrysanthemum
"A big bold, textured bloom which is also in our ‘The Best Bliss Peach’ arrangement."


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3. 'The Best' Orange Burst Bouquet
"This is one of the stars of our Flower show - bright, cheery and vibrant thanks to a mix of white Chrysanthemums, Green Bell and leafy Small Pittosporum (Silver Queen) with Daisy-like orange Gerbera."

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4. Scented stocks
"Part of our new British range, all sourced from British suppliers which launches this week as part of our Flower Show."

5. 'The Best' Lilies
"I love how tall the stems of our luxury Oriental lilies are and how impressive the heads are when they bloom. They’re on promotion in store this week too at £8."


What was the last bouquet you received, Chelsea?
The last bouquet I received was ‘Diva’, it was a nice surprise from my friends for completing a half marathon.

...And the last one you sent?
The last bouquet I gave was to my Mum, I like to take her a little something when I visit so I took her some ‘Sweet Wills’, one of our new British Blooms at £1.80 for a handful they’re a bargain.