When it comes to feeding the family, laying on the lunch can be big challenge. On your next day out (or even your next cosy day in) you can save a little time by trying these ‘make-one-serve-everyone’ sandwich recipe ideas.

Picnic Bloomer

Serves 8

As easy to take as it is to make, this big bloomer (made fresh in store by our bakers) can be filled at home and cut into different sized sandwiches at lunchtime. You can use the recipe we’ve suggested at Morrisons.com or pack your bloomer with your favourite items from our deli.

View the sandwich recipe here

Ham and Piccalilli Picnic Loaf

Serves 6

Go large if you have a big day out planned, and fill a whole loaf with tasty ingredients using this time-saving idea. You can swap-out the ingredients if you like, but we’ve picked a combo that’s just the thing for warm days out - and if there’s some left, leave it uncut and save it for later.

View the sandwich recipe here