Whatever you're cooking, there’s a pour to pair it with. We challenged our friends at BrewDog to serve up some of their favourite beer and food pairings for some of our favourite recipes. Enjoy...

Punk IPA Pairing: Thai Chicken Curry

Beer and food pairings: Punk IPA & Thai Chicken Curry Beer and food pairings 1: Punk IPA & Thai Chicken Curry

Why it works…

Punk IPA and Thai curries are a dream match – classic new world IPA flavours are a perfect foil for fragrant curries, and the spiky bitterness boosts the mild chilli spice. Punk’s signature tropical fruit character adds notes of mango to the savoury brothy curry, while its piney hop aroma boosts the aromatic lemongrass and coriander in the dish. Each half of the pairing amplifies the flavours of the other, creating a harmonious combo that is moreishly complex.

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Elvis Juice Pairing: Griddled Chicken with Avocado and Lime Salsa

Beer and food pairings: Elvis Juice & Griddled Chicken Beer and food pairings 2: Elvis Juice & Griddled Chicken

Why it works...

Elvis Juice packs an intense citrus punch which pairs up perfectly with a sharp hit of lime and the freshness of coriander. The creamy avocado contrasts beautifully with the twist of grapefruit bitterness in the beer, which also accentuates the light hints of chilli heat in the dish. The light toasty caramel malt base melds with the char on the chicken breast.

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5AM Saint Pairing: Salmon Rarebit

Beer and food pairings: 5AM Saint & Salmon Rarebit Beer and food pairings 3: 5AM Saint & Salmon Rarebit

Why it works...

5AM Saint balances between malty and hoppy – paired with this comforting dish, the toasty and nutty malt flavours intertwine with the savoury granary bread, and the sweet notes of toffee add depth to the warming mustard and cheese mix. The moderate bitterness is just enough to offset the creaminess of the cheese and salmon mix, while the resin and citrus notes add complexity to the dish without overpowering them. 

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Dead Pony Club Pairing: Apple Crumble Pots

Beer and food pairings: Dead Pony Club & Apple Crumble Beer and food pairings 4: Dead Pony Club & Apple Crumble

Why it works…

Dead Pony Club is light and zesty up-front but boasts a depth of blackcurrant, lime and cinder toffee notes – paired with apple crumble pots, plus sweet and comforting flavours of toffee apple and blackcurrant sit alongside vanilla custard. The building bitterness is softly reset by the sweet custard and the toasty and nutty almond, while the twist of citrus keeps the dessert sharp.

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