Halloween is a great excuse for dressing up, trick-or-treating and decorating the house with devilish decorations. It’s also the ideal time to gather round with friends, family and neighbours and have some good old-fashioned fun. With these traditional Halloween party games, all you need is a few apples, some loo roll, a few craft essentials and some Halloween music to play along to.

Apple Bobbing

Bobbing for apples is a fond childhood memory for many parents, so this is the year to bring it back for your family if you haven’t already made it an annual tradition. Just fill a big witch’s couldron (a clean bucket will work too) with cold water - maybe a little jelly-slime and some sweets for added disgustingness - and drop in lots of apples. Taking turns, each ‘bobber’ gets 30 seconds to remove as many apples as they can from the water using only their mouth/teeth. The winner is the one who grabs the most Granny Smiths, collects the most Cox’s or bobs the most Braeburns.

Tip: Pop a towel underneath and around the bucket to protect your floors, with extra ones for the contestants.

Musical Monsters

This is great fun for younger children as they’ll be familiar with the non-Halloween version of Musical Statues - and this twist gives them an excuse to be as loud and scary as they can. When the music starts (make a Halloween playlist together beforehand), get everyone to walk, crawl, slither or pounce around the room doing their best monster, zombie or beast impression with screams and wailing galore. When the music stops, so must the players...and the first to move is out. Last monster standing (very, very still) is the winner.

Mummy Bandages

You’ll need to split into equal teams or partners for this one. For each round, one member of the team will become the mummy and needs to stand still with their arms out in front of them. The rules are scarily simple - start a countdown, and on ‘1’, the teams get a minute to wrap their mummy’s entire body with white loo roll. The winner is the best-looking mummy after time runs out.

Pin The Wart On The Witch

You’ll need a big sheet of paper or card, crayons (or felt tip pens), a blindfold (scarves are good) and some ‘wart’ stickers (draw your own pimples on some sticky labels and cut to size). Get the kids to draw a big picture of a scary witch, and stick it on a wall. Everyone takes turns to be blindfolded, spun around gently and led to the picture. Then hand them a warty sticker and let them guess where it should go. Closest to the tip of the nose wins.

Spooky Spoons

This one is probably better for older kids and grown-ups. See who can move the most bat droppings (raisins, of course) from one bowl to another using only a spoon in their mouth. Use chocolate chips if you prefer, and use straws to suck them up as you move them instead of spoons.

Top Party Planning tips:

Find a spooktacular place to have a party

Get together with neighbours and hold a games gathering in one of the larger gardens, or even someone’s cellar or attic for added Halloween creepiness if they have room for everyone.

Dress to impress

A fancy dress competition can be one of the games in itself. Set a theme for everyone to make their own costumes for, or just go full Halloween with prizes for the best dressed vampires, witches, zombies and other scary characters.