Try these Christmas  games over the festive period and go back to basics when it comes to spending quality time together.

1. Mince Pie Munchies

This one’s great for pre-Christmas fun to get the kids into the mood for games. Just pop a mince pie on a plate in front of each player. See who can munch the most mince pie in 30 seconds using only their mouth - you can add cream if you want to make it even more messy. They can finish the rest after the game ends of course, using their hands if they really want to.

2. Human Christmas Tree

Pair up and nominate one person in each pair to be the Christmas tree. Set a stopwatch to 30 seconds and race to decorate your ‘tree’ in green crêpe paper, baubles, tinsel… anything you can find. You’ll need someone to judge the best-dressed tree.

3. Lapland Limbo

Doing the limbo is always tricky, but have you tried it with a Santa-sized belly? Take it in turns to wear a large shirt and stuff a cushion or balloon underneath, secured with a belt or some tinsel. Then limbo under a string of Christmas cards which get lowered with every round. How low can you go?

4. The Big Freeze

At the start of dinner or just whenever you want to start a game, nominate someone to be Mr or Mrs Freeze. That person freezes randomly whenever he or she chooses, even if it’s mid-sentence. As soon as you notice the person has frozen, you should freeze too. The last person to freeze loses and must do a festive forfeit - like eating a cold sprout or a chunk of smelly blue cheese.

5. Stocking Fillers

Split into equal teams based on the number of people and/or stockings you have. Hang the stockings at one end of the room and put bowls of sweets at the other end. The teams then race (one member at a time) to fill up a stocking with sweets, using only a spoon to carry them. Whoever manages to fill their stocking first (or the most in a set time) is the winner.

6. Festive Bingo

Make a playlist of Christmas or party songs, then draw bingo boards, replacing the random numbers with Christmas song titles. Play the tunes on shuffle to get started, and cross off the tunes on your bingo card as they play. The first person to cross off all their songs shouts ‘Jingle Bells’ to win the game.

7. Santa’s Beard

Divide your group into pairs, set the timer to 30 seconds and race to stick as many cotton wool balls to your team-mate’s face as you can using Vaseline. The team with the biggest beard when the time runs out is declared the winner.