This year, we've got a creepy wardrobe full of spooooky Halloween costumes for the little ghouls in your house to enjoy. From the scariest of werewolves to an eerie pirate and the most magical of unicorns, dive into the collection and find something to bring the spooks this year!

As well as bringing the Halloween hauntings, a wide variety of our costumes this year are going the extra mile. We’ve been hard at work removing and reducing the amount of plastic in our range, so you can enjoy a spoooky day with less scary single use plastic! You’ll notice 6 of our costumes are made from recycled plastic bottles and can be washed and worn again, our costume hangers have been changed from plastic to recyclable cardboard, we’ve replaced glitter prints with foil prints and 100% of glitter has been removed from our 2020 Halloween range, and finally, our Halloween window stickers are no longer single-use, so you can keep them handy for next year. 

Take a look at a selection of our costumes below, and enjoy a hauntingly horrid Halloween! 


Unicorn Age 3-8, £12 | Werewolf Age 5-12, £12 | Scream Queen Age 5 -10, £10 | Pirate Age 3-8, £12 | Vampiress Age 5-12, £12 | Grim Reaper Age 7-12, £10 

Did you know...

The whole 'dressing up for Halloween' thing started back in ancient times, at the pagan Celtic festival of Samhain, when people danced around in costumes to scare away ghosts and evil spirits. Nowadays we dress up as the actual ghosts - as well as other spooky characters - for our 31st October activities, though it's more about fun than frightening. The modern-day tradition of wearing fun costumes on Halloween is said to have started in Ireland and Scotland, where it's known as 'guising'.

Explore the wider range

Skeleton Onesie

Skeleton Age 3-10. Was £5, now £4.

Witch Costume

Witch Age 3-10. Was £5 now £4.