We've a handful of ideas to make sure being indoors doesn't dampen your spirits. Stay at home and enjoy quality time together with these cheap and cheerful ideas.


Teddy Bears’ Picnic

A classic activity we know, but give your teddy bear's picnic a twist by combining it with a cookery class. Make the party food together, gather up as many of the children's teddies as you can and sit them all down on a rug, throw or even a duvet and serve up the snacks. You might need to finish off some of their lunch though - everyone knows that teddies get full tummies in no time.

Tip: Pop a few potted plants or flowers around the edge of your indoor picnic area to really set the scene.

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Fancy dress-up

Dive into the back of your wardrobe and - as long as it doesn’t open up into Narnia - you’ll probably find hats, scarves, costumes, old tops and shoes that you haven’t stepped into in years. Indoor days are the best days to let their imagination run wild, so pile your piles of old clothes into a dress-up box and get them to put on a show for you.

Tip: Remember to video them doing their best impressions of you - and you can watch them back for future giggles.


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Dining room disco

Close the curtains, turn up the music and dance, dance, dance. If they get tired, take it down a level and let them become radio DJs for an hour or so and simply record them introducing their favourite songs.

Tip: Music channels on the TV are great if you have them - the kids can copy their pop heroes...until you show them how it’s really done.

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Edible jewellery

It’s amazing what you can make with some mini marshmallows, dried apricots and cereal hoops. Get the kids to thread them onto some strawberry laces to make necklaces and bracelets for a sweet snack later.

Tip: Once they’ve made a pile of jewel-sweets, hide them around the house and write some clues on scrap paper for a treasure hunt.


Follow-the-leader garden puddle splashing

Choose a safe route around your garden. Then form a not-so-orderly queue and set off. Give each leader three puddles and then let the person at the back of the line move to the front for their turn. The challenge is: who can get everyone the wettest?

Tip: A fun variation for non-rainy days on this is to play Hopscotch on your patio - all you need is a little garden chalk.

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Mud pie making

We usually prefer to make our own pastry pies, but just this once we’re all for a bit of messy fun with the mud variety. See who can come up with the best recipe (and shapes) using grass, leaves and soggy soil - but make sure they stick to the real thing for supper.

Tip: If the rain clears, end the outdoor ‘cooking’ session with a make-believe muddy tea party.

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