Our Nation's Local Foodmakers programme searches for local food and drink makers of known and locally loved products to our customers. Supplying direct to their nearest store, or to stores across their region, working with suppliers on this programme helps support local communities - and their local economies - whilst providing small businesses new opportunities to grow their business.

If you're a British food and drink producer and are interested in working with Morrisons locally, we'd love to hear more about you and your business.

Local Foodmakers

Thank you to all our Local Foodmakers for working so hard to serve our customers and help us play our part in feeding the nation during the coronavirus outbreak.  As a British business, the sourcing and selling of locally produced food and drink has always been a priority for Morrisons and these challenging times have only gone further to show why it is so important to us.

Below you can find further information about our Local Sourcing at Morrisons.

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