Morrisons started life as a bustling egg, milk and butter market stall in Bradford back in 1899 – firmly planting its roots as a fresh-focused local grocer with an appetite for providing both quality and value. Today, we have made finding Local Solutions a key priority as we focus even more on local food, with more of our products being sourced near our stores to save hundreds of food miles.

The Nations Local Foodmakers

With our Nation's Local Foodmakers Campaign, we are searching for local food and drink makers of known and loved local products to work with us. We want to support local communities - and their local economies - whilst feeding our customers with products from food and drink producers who meet local food tastes and grow or make their products within a small distance of our stores. In addition, we’re looking to help grow suppliers whose food and drink may be known and loved by local customers, but is not yet known nationally. We tour the nation with our Local Foodmakers Events to introduce our customers to the best Local Foodmakers from their region.