If you need to know how to make Easter baskets in preparation for the egg hunts - or just to make something with the kids that they can use to stash their chocolate in as they collect it over the weekend - we have the tips you need. Follow this simple guide, make as many as you need and let the fun begin.

You will need...

Step 1: The base

Cover the outer and inner sides of the cut bottle with strong double-sided tape, taking care the tape does not crisscross.

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Step 2: The Handle
Make a handle using a 60cm-length of raffia (use about 30 strands pulled from the bundle). Tape the strands together at one end, plait or twist them, and tape at the other end. Use paper fasteners to secure both ends, pushing them through the plastic.

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Step 3: The Decoration
Remove the protective layer from the double sided sticky tape and wrap strands of raffia tightly around the base. Keep going until the base is covered, then use extra raffia strands to line the inside of the ‘basket’, making a nest for the eggs. Add a pretty ribbon to finish or use different decorations like crepe streamers.

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Step 4: The Treats
Once you have your Easter basket, it's time to fill it with chocolate, sweets or halthy snacks. Leave the baskets out ready for the Easter Bunny to fill, or use them as part of a fun Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday morning.

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