Just the thing for storing all those Easter treats - crafty jars with Easter Bunny ears. Whatever you find on your chocolate hunts, keep them safe with these fun decorative ideas.

How To Make Your Easter Treat Jars

What you will need

- Clean, empty jar with lid

- Coloured tapes

- Scissors

- Patterned paper or card

- Double sided tape

- Plain coloured card

- Wire

- Ribbon

- Treats

Getting started

1 - Choose a combination of coloured tapes to use on your jar and stick the tape around the jar.

2 - Stick tape around the edge of the lid, from the bottom rim upwards and fold over.

Next steps

3 - Cut a circle slightly smaller than the lid from patterned card and stick on top.

4 - Cut out 2 ear shapes from plain card and fold the bottoms up to create tabs to stick.

5 - You could use coloured tape to create two contrasting inner ears. Stick ears on top of the jar lid.

And finally...

6 - Create a loop of wire around the top of the jar that is larger than the circumference of the jar by a couple of cm’s. Hold the circle loop at opposite ends and twist to create two small tight loops either side of the jar.

7 - Use these loops to thread through a ribbon of your choice.

8 - Fill your jar up with your favourite treats!