We've put together a quick 'checklist' below to help you get ready for the festive period - with hints, tips and recipes to make sure your Christmas countdown goes smoothly.

Your December To-Do List:

1st: Plan The Menu

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Plan Your Festive Menu

TO-DO ON: 1ST DECEMBER Write your food and drink shopping list for the big day, as well as all the gatherings you have planned before Santa comes to town. You can start buying your non-perishable foods now to avoid having lots of heavy bags to carry nearer the time.

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3rd: Write Your Cards

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Write Your Christmas Cards

TO-DO ON: 3RD DECEMBER Christmas card-writing can be a big job, so set aside a Sunday afternoon to get through your list - perhaps with a nice drop of Prosecco and a mince pie or two. The kids might want to write their cards for classmates too, ready to take into school on Monday. The last Christmas posting date for UK First Class mail in 2017 is Thursday 21st December.

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12th: Deck The Halls

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Buy Your Decorations

TO-DO ON: 12TH DECEMBER Buy all the decorations you need for the tree, table and anywhere else you want to sprinkle with magic this year. Get the family involved in making your home look and feel super-festive and start your celebrations early - you could even make a big day of it and decorate after a pre-Christmas Sunday lunch.

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14th: Bake A Cake

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Make Your Christmas Cake

TO-DO ON: 14TH DECEMBER If you haven't already started your cake, having a Christmas bake will brighten up an early December evening - and still gives you time to 'feed' your cake before the festive period. Check out our blog below for tips and recipes, or if you don't have time to make your own, browse our ready-made range of Christmas cakes in store and online.

Make Your Christmas Cake

17th: Wrap Gifts

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Wrap Your Presents

TO-DO ON: 17TH DECEMBER If you haven't already got the wrapping wrapped up, start the weekend before Christmas rather than rather than leaving it until the last minute on Christmas Eve. That way, if you've forgotten something you can nip out to get it with plenty time to spare.

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18th: Choose The Cheese

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Choose Your Cheeseboard

TO-DO ON: 18TH DECEMBER A good cheeseboard is a must for Christmas - and we've lots to choose from at Morrisons including The Best Slate Cheeseboard collection and a variety of indivudual speciality cheeses.

Choose Your Cheese

19th: Order Flowers

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Order Your Festive Flowers

TO-DO ON: 19TH DECEMBER Flowers are a great way to add even more magic to your Christmas decorations - and a lovely gift to give at this time of year. With free delivery nationwide and next day delivery available (except Mondays), our Morrisons Flowerworld site has lots of festive bouquets to choose from.

Order Festive Flowers

20th: Prepare To Party

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Prepare To Party

TO-DO ON: 20TH DECEMBER Prepare for the gatherings and get-togethers by planning a few games for everyone to enjoy together over the festive period. Take a look at our blog full of fun ideas below.

Get Party Ideas

21st: Make Treats

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Have a Baking Night

TO-DO ON: 21ST DECEMBER This is a great time to get family and friends together to bake a batch or three of Christmas treats. Try some Rudolph Cupcakes to pass around when you have visitors, Reindeer Biscuits to hang on the tree for the big day or some Sparkling Peppermint Biscuits to give as a last-minute gift.

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22nd: Top Up The Wine

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Top Up Your Wine

TO-DO ON: 22ND DECEMBER With lots of visitors and parties in the run up to Christmas, you might need to top up your wine selection just before the big day. Try something new from our The Best range, or add some festive fizz to your list for your toasts.

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23rd: Check Timings

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Check Our Turkey Tips & Timings

TO-DO ON: 23RD DECEMBER Now's the time to double check your turkey timings. We've put together a quick guide to help you get it right on Christmas Day.

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24th: Prepare Veg

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Prepare Your Veg On Christmas Eve

TO-DO ON: 24TH DECEMBER Make a final check that you have everything you need for the next few days. Prepare the fresh veg for tomorrow’s lunch and store it in the fridge overnight to save time on Christmas morning.

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