Welcome to Morrisons online shopping - with voice. You can now ask Alexa to add bread, milk, cheese and anything else you need to your online shopping basket, using the Morrisons Skill on your Alexa enabled device.

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It’s quick and easy to stock up when you’ve run out of something, or reorder your Favourites. Just say things like “Add bread to my basket” or ask Alexa things like “Is my delivery on time?”.

The Morrisons Skill will automatically choose products from your Favourites so Alexa’s suggestions will get more accurate the more you shop. If she suggests something different to what you need, just ask her to “Suggest another” or “Remove it”. Whenever you ask Alexa to do something like “add milk to my basket” we’ll automatically add it to your next placed order.

You can keep track of your Morrisons online shopping order using your Alexa enabled device. Simply ask Alexa: "Is my delivery on time?"

Because Alexa will be sync’d to your Morrisons online shopping account, everything’s connected. You’ll see any changes you make with Alexa on screen when you switch back to a computer or device to checkout, and you’ll get the same confirmation email as you usually do with Morrisons.com orders, so you can check everything before the deadline for making changes.

Get started in 3 easy steps...

  1. Ask Alexa to “Enable Morrisons” to activate the Morrisons Skill
  2. Link your Morrisons online shopping account in the Alexa app
  3. Start shopping by saying something like “Add milk to my order”