If you need information about going gluten free, this video is a great place to start. Here, Schär Dietitian Katie Kennedy explains which foods are safe for your diet, and how to find the information you need when you’re shopping for them.

Watch Dr Schär's Katie Kennedy explain what to look for when you shop for gluten free products...

5 Tips for following a coeliac-friendly or gluten free diet:

  1. Look for foods that are naturally gluten free
    Fruit & vegetables, eggs, unprocessed meat, beans, pulses, lentils and rice are gluten free. 
  2. Check the ingredients list for a list of allergens
    For pre-packed foods, gluten-containing grains must always be highlighted clearly, usually in bold or italic fonts. You should steer particularly clear of anything containing grains like wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelt.
  3. Read chalkboards, charts or menus - and ask if you need advice
    If you're eating in a café or buying something from a counter, the information you need will still be available nearby or from a member of staff.
  4. If you eat oats, always choose those labelled as 'gluten free'
    Oats themselves don't contain gluten, but they do contain a similar protein called avenin, and oat products are often processed in the same factories as wheat-containing products.
  5. Head to the Free From aisle to buy your gluten free staples
    You’ll find a Free From area in all Morrisons stores, as well as our dedicated online Free From foods category. Everything in there is selected because it suits different special diets like meat free or milk free - with any gluten free products in our range clearly labelled.


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Coeliac and gluten free recipe inspiration:

Gluten free doesn't have to mean flavour free. Take a look at these delicious coeliac-friendly recipes - the menu's bigger than you might think. 

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