Whether you’re heading away for the day or getting away from it all for the weekend, these handy road trip tips will help you plan for the journey ahead.


Trip Tip #1: Stock up on snacks
Keeping lots of snack-packs handy will mean fewer stops along the way, which is good news if you’re traveling with a car full of kids. Buy big packs of fruit or biscuits then divide them into individual portions for everyone, or simply choose mini-bags to save time. Remember the drinks too - multi-packs always do the trick and are easy to pack.

Trip Tip #2: Fill up your fuel tank
It sounds obvious, but hundreds of thousands of people run out of fuel every year. It can be tempting to leave it until later and hope that you’ll pass a forecourt on the way, but filling up before you go leaves you with one less thing to worry about.

Find a Morrisons Store to check if it has a Petrol Station

Trip Tip #3: Sing along to your songs
From Frozen and Little Mix to Adele and  Ed Sheeran, children love a bit of back seat Car-eoke - and you could even educate them with a few hits from The King. Just pop on your favourite CDs, DVDs or MP3s and belt out your best efforts together - and get one of the passengers to film it all for the memory bank. Make a playlist ahead of the road trip to make sure you always have something to listen to in between chats - or when the local radio station signal starts finally breaks up.

Trip Tip #4: Pass the time with a car game
I-Spy always goes down well and is a great way to make sure you enjoy the scenery around you. Stick to the guessing side of it and let everyone else look around for the ‘spies’ if you’re driving though, and keep your eyes on the road. The ‘ABC game’ is another classic - you can pick any category you like and take it in turns to shout out an answer beginning with the letter you land on - fingers crossed you don’t get the ‘X’. ‘Car Colour Bingo’ is easy too - just pick red, white, blue or another colour and see who counts the most cars by the time you reach a certain point on the route. 

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Trip Tip #5: Treat them to some toys
A road trip is a good excuse to give the little ones a little treat. You could choose something educational, give them some arty activities or just add to their character collection and let them play with their imagination as you drive in peace. For a back-to basics entertainment, take plenty of paper, crayons - and maybe even a baking tray to use as a clever portable 'desk' for them to rest on.


Trip Tip #6: Pack a clean-up kit
Long journeys can lead to a little travel sickness here and there. Pack some paper towels and caddy bags in case anyone feels unwell during the trip. Baby wipes are a great idea too, however old the children are.

Trip Tip #7: Take a break
Although it’s great to get to your destination in good time, it’s important to pull over for a stretch and a toilet stop. Driving can tire you out, especially on a family road trip, so take a little time to scope out a few possible pit stops before you set off. Find out which Morrisons stores are along your route and check to see if they have a café. You might need to fill up again on the way back, so look in the ‘Featured Services’ section to see if a store en route has a Morrisons Petrol Station too.


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Trip Tip #8: Charge your phones and tablets
If you need a little quiet time during the trip, devices can be a welcome addition to the journey. Try not to rely on them for the whole journey, but make sure they have enough ‘juice’ to play those films and songs you’ve downloaded. Remember to pack the headphones and adapters too - a car charger is a must so your phone doesn’t go flat in case of an emergency.

Trip Tip #9: Fill up a flask
A hot cup of tea or coffee is just the ticket on a long car trip. You might be traveling into the evening or even overnight to get to the airport for a holiday - so a flask of hot chocolate could be a great option for the passengers - and if you have room for pillows and duvets, the kids can have a sleepover on the move too.

Trip Tip #10: Remember the suncream
It’s sometimes tempting to leave this until you get to the beach or your day out destination, but it’s best to apply some suncream before you set off. Sunglasses and sun hats are a good idea too - in fact, whatever precautions you’d take outside the car should be taken inside it too.

Wash and go...

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