These homemade pizza recipes are a great way to get the kids into cooking, pass the time on a rainy day and enjoy a family picnic in the garden on the sunny ones. Here are some of our favourite quick and easy pizza making ideas to try, from a saucy classic and cheesy pepper bites to our tortilla and flatbread versions - and we've picked out two vegetarian options for you too.

Homemade Pizza Recipes Quattro


Quattro Stagione
(1hr 10m)

When it’s four seasons in one day outside, taste four seasons on one plate inside with spicy pepperoni, mushrooms, courgette and cherry tomatoes on a tomato fondue with torn mozzarella pieces.


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Homemade Pizza Recipes 1


Chickpea Flatbread Pizza  v
(50 mins)

Try something different with this spicy, vegetarian dish. Be careful with the spices as the children might not want it hot - and leave the chilli powder and garam masala handling to the adults if you do use it.


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Homemade Pizza Recipes Tortilla


Thin crust Tortilla Pizza 
(15 mins)

Go for a twist on a classic with these tortilla-base pizzas that swap the usual cheese for a creamy Garlic and Herb topping.    


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Homemade Pizza Recipes Peppers


Bell Pepper Pizza v
(15 mins)

Veggie pizzas with a twist. These pepper pizzas make a tasty starter for parties or picnics and a great snack or lunch for kids in the holidays.


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