From a big birthday bash to a simple Happy Birthday singalong, in this blog we’ll show you how to host a virtual family party from home. Simply arrange a date and time with your family and friends - all you need to get started is your preferred video chat platform and a little enthusiasm.


First up: Set the scene

The first step in creating a party is to create a family party atmosphere. Clear a space for busting out those party moves, and position your laptop or mobile so you can freely move around and celebrate without falling out of the shot. Try placing it at around eye-level, perhaps safely on a bookshelf. 

Once you’ve created a designated party area, it’s time to get decorating. Make sure you get the kids involved in this step - you can be as creative as you like, creating paper chains, homemade bunting or simply draping colourful scarves and blankets around. 

You could even experiment by creating your own banners. You could go for a classic “Happy birthday” if that's the cause for celebration, or a simple “celebrate” or “welcome to the party” would work too. 


Step two: Get in the party style

Now that the scene is set, it’s time to get into the party mode yourself. We’re talking about your best party clothes, formal wear, or even a spot of fancy dress. You could even pre-agree a theme with your virtual party guests, or set a competition for the best costume. 

Step three: Plan some party games

While traditional party games such as Pass the Parcel might be a little tricky, there are a few that lend themselves well to a virtual set up. Games such as Musical Statues can work pretty well - all you’ll need is a designated DJ to play and pause the music, before keeping a close eye on the screen to look for any movers!

Charades is another great option. You can play in teams per household, and even create a bank of ideas before the party starts so everyone has plenty of inspiration.

As well as this, you could even host a family quiz, with rounds the whole family can take part in such as general knowledge, movie questions and popular culture.


A little added extra

If you really want to go all out for your virtual party, you could even make and post party packs to your guests, including invites, a little homemade bunting for them to hang up as decoration, and maybe even the odd party hat! 


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