This year, we've got tonnes of ideas and inspiration to help you celebrate a spooky Halloween at home. Here are some pointers to help you think about doing things a little differently this year...

6 Haunting Halloween Treats To Try At Home

  1. Serve up a Halloween breakfast
    Combine your leftover pumpkin seeds with oats, almonds and cinnamon to make a delicious porridge for the cold autumn mornings.
  2. Make pineapple pieces
    Get stuck into a pineapple for your doorstep decorations instead of a pumpkin this year, and turn the insides into little snack-sized chunks for the big night. You could do the same with a melon too, or different veg like turnips or butternut squash, which make great additions to stews or soups to have for Halloween supper.
    Healthy Halloween Treats: Pineapple Chunks
  3. Change up the treats
    Try putting out non-food items like bouncy balls, stickers, crayons, glow sticks or Halloween themed toys to keep the little ones busy on 31st October. 
  4. Play some gruesome games
    Keep things active at home this Halloween. Play games like ‘Pop the Pumpkin’ (A race to see who can burst the most orange balloons in 10 seconds) or ‘Spooky Spoons’ (who can move the most bat droppings - or raisins - from one bowl to another using only a spoon).
    Healthy Halloween Treats: Games
  5. Dreadfully tasty drinks
    Instead of pop, pour the kids some Halloween-themed drinks. You can make ‘Monster Mocktails’ using orange squash or blackcurrant cordial and seeing what colours you can create. Decorate with fruit too (grapes make great floating eyeballs and shredded apples double up as scary scabs) for added spookiness.
  6. Terrifying treats

    Use your fruit and veg to get creative with terrifying treats. You can make gruesome "severed fingers" using carrots with a simple carving to make the knuckles.