The festive period is a time of excess, but by following a few thoughtful tips when you buy food, drink and gifts or decorations for your celebrations, you can ensure that the planet has a merry, eco-friendly Christmas.


  • Buy a real tree rather than an artificial one. Potted trees can be planted in your back garden at the end of the festive season and reused for several years, and many local authorities arrange special drop off points or collections to recycle cut trees into compost.  


  • Make your own plastic-free gifts. Head to the kitchen to cook up some festive favourites like cookies, cakes and chutneys, and package them up to give to your loved ones. Take a look at our homemade Christmas gift ideas - they're as tasty as they are thoughtful.
  • Once you’ve found (or made) the ideal presents, wrap them up in recyclable brown kraft paper and decorate with sprigs of holly, ivy, or mistletoe for that extra special touch. Alternatively, buy reusable gift bags or boxes that the recipient can keep and use to wrap your presents the following year.  

Food & Drink

  • When stocking up for the big day, make sure to bring your reusable bags to the supermarket. You can also bring your own containers for fresh meat and fish from our Market Street counters.
  • It’s not all about the Turkey. Make sure you get your five a day and remember to stock up on loose fruit and veg using the 100% recyclable paper bags on Market Street.
  • Use re-usable straws for your drinks and cocktails - or a paper variety that can be recycled after the party.
  • Instead of using disposable, single use plastic party glasses, try our glass loan service. Ask in store for details.

After the Big Day

  • Once it’s all over, remember to recycle as much as possible. Flatten cardboard boxes to save space in the recycling bin, and remove any ribbons or bows from wrapping paper before recycling. Remember that some types of wrapping paper, such as those with glitter or foil decoration, aren’t recyclable and should go in the general waste bin to prevent plastic and metal from entering the paper recycling stream.
  • When recycling food packaging, make sure to rinse or clean off any food residue to avoid food contamination from entering the recycling stream. A quick scrub with a washing up brush should do the trick.
  • Remember that many types of plastic film can be recycled along with carrier bags in store, so look out for the ‘Recycle with Carrier Bags at Larger Stores’ logo on the back of pack, and bring any recyclable film back with you on your next trip to the supermarket.