We're bringing back traditional brown paper bags for loose fruit and veg in our greengrocery areas - to try and prevent 150m small plastic bags from being used every year.

The brown paper bags are being rolled out right now, and will be in all stores by the end of the summer. The new paper bags are made from 100 per cent recyclable paper. They will have a see-though paper strip – so that customers and Morrisons colleagues can identify the produce contained within.

The paper bags will come in one size, and can be used for any of Morrisons loose fruit, vegetables
and salad items. They will be located in bag dispensers at the corner of each fruit and veg fixture in
the store’s greengrocery aisles.

“We’ve listened to customers concerns about using plastic bags for fruit and vegetables and that is why we are bringing back paper bags. There’s more work to do, but this step will mean we prevent 150m bags from being used in our stores every year.”
Drew Kirk, Fruit and Veg Director at Morrisons

You can now also bring your own containers to Morrisons Butchers and Fishmonger counters too. To encourage more people to start using their containers, the supermarket is offering 100 loyalty card points every time they are used - the equivalent of 10p - and will sell containers at reduced prices at both counters. 

Enjoy Market Street Strawberries This Summer

One of our strawberry growers is Ben Drummond, whose family have been farming in Ross-on-Wye since 1956, and have been selling strawberries directly to Morrisons since 2008. Ben and his team of up to 250 seasonal colleagues harvest fruit most of the year and know exactly what they’re looking for in a good strawberry.


“In my opinion, British strawberries are the taste of summer. They smell and taste completely different to imported strawberries. They can be picked one day and in Morrisons stores the next day, which means they’re as fresh as possible. We also pick with shelf life in mind – the strawberries need to be firm, but not crunchy, and a nice red without being too dark."

Kale & Halloumi

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Kale with Lentils and Grilled Halloumi

Full-flavoured kale, roasted red peppers and hearty green lentils make a great combination with grilled halloumi.

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Berry Trifles

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Berry and Coconut Trifles in a Jar

Trifle is a classic, well-loved dessert. This spin on the traditional pud uses coconut and berry flavours for a summery treat. Serving these trifles up in individual jars mean everyone gets their share, though you might have to make enough for seconds!

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Veg & Crab Soup

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Spiced Crab & Sweetcorn Soup

Make the most of in-season Crab with this easy to make Spicy Crab and Sweetcorn Soup.

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