For the part-time plant eaters, the fully fledged flexitarians and the purely plant based... Plant Revolution is all about plant based food with zero compromise on flavour! Check out our NEW Plant Revolution range, the ideal vegan alternatives to some of your favourite dishes.

Everyone can join in...

Every product in our range is registered with the Vegan Society, helping you pick products that are completely free of animal ingredients.

So whether you're a full time plant eater, mixing up your diet, or want to make sustainable changes, you can enjoy 100% plant-based deliciousness. 

Plant Revolution NO Chicken Shawarma Flatbread

Wheat protein. Spinach. Pink pickled onions. Mint. Vegan Mayo. Part of our Food To Go range. Find me in store.

Plant Revolution NO Chick'n Tikka Masala With Pilau Rice

Soya protein. Tasty tomato and onion curry sauce. Pilau on the side.

Plant Revolution Cookie 4 pk - available in store only

Belgian dark chocolate chips. Deliciously crunchy. Find me in store.

Healthier Living Icon

Look out for this Healthier Living icon on packaging to help you find the foods that form part of a healthy balanced diet, allowing you to help you and your family eat well.