These Easter craft ideas make great holiday activities while the kids are off school. Follow our simple step-by-step guide and create cute animal wall decor to keep them entertained and brighten up their bedroom.

How to create your cute bunny

What you will need

1 - Coloured paper or card (to print the stencil above)

2 - Scissors

3 - Ruler

4 - Pencil

5 - Glue and brush

6 - Felt

Getting started

1 - Print out a stencil  on coloured paper using the link above, and create the shapes you need (cut along the red lines and fold along the green lines).

2 - Keep folding the 2 sides down until the points meet and then glue them together.

Next steps

3 - Fold down the circle nose shape and glue down.

4 - Glue the two ears onto the back and cut out some smaller ears in felt. You could also make a little felt nose.

5 - Draw on details such as the mouth and eyes.

And finally...

6 - Cut out an oval shape to mount your rabbit head onto.

7 - Stick to the wall using blue tack or double sided tape.