With fallen leaves to play in, puddles to splash in and a generally cooler temperature, there’s plenty to enjoy in the autumn season. So long as you’re wrapped up warm enough, there are endless opportunities for fun and games with the little ones. Here, we provide our top baby essentials to help you make the most of the season.

Get set with snacks

Wherever your adventures take you this season, make sure you’re well stocked with snacks to take along. We’ve got an excellent selection of food and drink storage in store, so you can bake your own treats, fill up mugs with a coffee from home and enjoy your own snacks on the go.

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You can also get stocked up on plenty of tasty treats for the little ones. We’ve got favourites from Ella’s Kitchen, Cow and Gate, Kiddylicious and more to keep the children entertained en route. 

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Prepare for some exploring

While the little ones are sure to be keen to head off on foot, you can make keeping them close all the more simple with the help of a harness. Suitable for children from 6 months old, it also doubles up as a backpack. 

As often comes with exploring on foot, muddy footprints and muddy hands often follow. Thankfully, we’ve got a huge range of wipes available. Including fragrance free and sensitive options, there’s plenty to choose from in the Nutmeg range

Take a few snaps

Not strictly an essential for baby, but an essential for parents who love to take photos and videos of their little ones while they’re out and about having fun. Make sure you’ve got a spare phone charger handy so you can keep recording those precious moments long after your phone’s battery decides to call it a day. 

Essentials for an easy autumn

Bath time can be made all the more enjoyable when you’ve been out exploring in the cold all day. Here, we’ve got plenty of bubbles, lotions and accessories to help you create the most relaxing bath time ever - perfect for winding down for sleep after an exciting day.

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