Our Home collection includes forty pieces of Scandi Chic in a ‘Capsule’ collection - all made to a simple-yet-stylish design using the highest quality natural materials. Fabrics include cottons and linens, woods are made from acacia and bamboo, and tableware is made from clay ceramic, glass and marble. Here’s our pick of the most popular Scandinavian products available at Morrisons to help you go minimalist in style this year.


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1. Morrisons Tripod Table Lamp                                                 

Price: £15                                                           

Make a statement with this new tripod lamp - made from a natural bamboo base with a white linen shade.       


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2. Morrisons Geo Print Cushion       

Price: £8                   

This bold geometric print has blocks of bright sulphur. Its linen mix cover has a structured texture and is hard wearing.         


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3. Morrisons Standing Geo Clock                                           

Price: £8                                     

This Scandi-inspired, freestanding clock has a solid wood exterior and geometric clock face design.


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4. Morrisons Geo Embossed Canister               

Price: £6                                          
These large geo embossed ceramic canisters are useful for storing tea, coffee, sugar or biscuits. They come with an acacia wood lid to keep contents fresh.


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Morrisons Large Geometric Vase        

Price: £10                                                        

This handmade vase has a geometric glass finish. Its light and dark fascias will create a centre statement in any room.



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5. Morrisons Ceramic Dipped Glazed Mug                                     

Price: £3                                              

Our artisan style clay ceramic mug is dipped glazed and available in a variety of natural tones - including grey, blue, green and pink.


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6. Morrisons Top Tier Crystal Mixer                                             

Price: £10 (4 pack)                                                                           

This high quality crystal mixer glass is lead free and lightweight. With its fresh and modern design it is ideal for an elegant dinner table.

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8. Morrisons Marble Pinch Pots                             

Price: £2.50 each       

Made from unpolished and tactile black and white marble, these beautiful pinch pots can be used for salt, pepper, herbs or spices.