Whether you’re raising a glass to family on a special occasion, drinking to good health with friends or simply serving up a pre-party appetisers - bubbles should always be invited along. Here’s how to serve up the sophistication with some fruity additions to your party Prosecco.


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Passion Fruit

Inject some passion into your Prosecco with a classic bellini and just add the fruit to your flute - or try our
Cointreau 'Passion Fruit Bellini' cocktail recipe for those extra special occasions.

View the Passion Fruit Bellini recipe here


Add a tropical twist to your party drinks by blitzing some sliced mango and adding one part puree to two parts Prosecco. Add a slice or two of lime to garnish, and drizzle in a little cherry syrup to finish your colourful masterpiece.

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You don’t have to go fresh to go fruity…try adding a topping of Passion Fruit and Mango sorbet to your Prosecco for a treat.

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Pomegranates are great to nibble on - but they’re even better in a bellini. Serve the traditional way in a glass, or try our frozen take on a classic fruity cocktail.

View the Pomegranate Bellini Ice Pop recipe here



Anyone for strawberries and cream? This one's ideal for when Wimbledon comes around - and just as good when the final game has been served. Simply add a pair of halved strawbs in each flute and sugar them very lightly. Let them sit while you watch the first few games, add a vanilla ice cream ‘float’ to the glasses and then pour over your Prosecco.

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It’s all about Kir Royale when the sun comes out. The perfect aperitif, this popular French cocktail is just as easy to enjoy with a summer brunch, or as a fruity nightcap with someone special after the guests have gone.

View the Kir Royale recipe here


A really subtle flavour to bring out the sharp bubbles in your fizz. Peel the peaches and blend them into a puree - then pop it into the bottom of your glass. Pour in your Prosecco, then mix and serve.

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A real taste of British summertime, pour a splash of sloe gin into your glass, add two or three blackberries, top up with Prosecco and enjoy.

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The wonderful thing about Prosecco is its versatility. You can easily to come up with your own bellini or cocktail blends using all kinds of fruit - if you’ve already mastered a recipe of your own, share  it with us on Facebook using #Fruitsecco


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