Setting off on a healthy start in 2020? You’re not alone. Making the New Year’s Resolution to tuck into healthier grub is a popular choice, and we’ve got plenty of healthy dinner ideas and options to help you stay motivated throughout January.

Here, we’ll take you through a whole host of ideas for quick and healthy meals ideal for busy days, as well as tasty switches to help you make your meals a little lighter. 

We’re also running our JanYOUary event this month, helping you to kick off 2020 with all things good for YOU. 

Quick and simple healthy recipes

Keep your weekly menu interesting with our ideas for quick and simple recipes. Featuring ingredients such as turkey, lamb, pancetta, tuna and plenty of veggie options, you can enjoy deliciously lighter dinners while still tucking into your favourite ingredients. Take a look at the range below.

Healthy swaps

Sometimes, switching a few ingredients can make a big difference to your overall dish. For example, you could switch to soda water with a little sugar free squash instead of fizzy pop - or opt for sugar free options. You could opt for lighter variants of everyday ingredients such as butter or margarine, swap your crisps for baked alternatives or snack on nuts instead, and look out for ingredients with more whole grains and less fat. 


We’re making January 2020 all about you. Take a look at our JanYOUary hub for plenty of inspiration whatever challenge you’re taking on this New Year. You’ll find products ideas and inspiration for Veganuary, Dry January, more healthy recipe inspiration, more swaps and switches to lighten your meals and health and wellbeing products.