Make your main event meat free with these tasty ideas for a vegetarian Christmas dinner. 

Christmas Wreath Salad

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Start things off in style with this sharing salad - the sweet succulent pear with the sharp and creamy blue Stilton makes for a great Christmassy combination as well as an impressive table decoration.The meat eaters can always add a little parma ham to their portion too if they like.

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This great-looking main course is an impressive vegan option for Christmas Dinner and will add even more colour to your table on the big day.

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Stilton Cheesecake with Glazed Vegetables

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This mouth-watering Stilton cheesecake proves that turkey doesn’t always have to be the star attraction at the Christmas Dinner table.

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This impressive vegetable strudel makes a great centrepiece for a vegetarian Christmas dinner. Even better - it can be prepared the night before, so you can go stress-free as well as meat-free.

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Spruce up your sprouts this Christmas with some pecan nuts - this vegetarian option is ideal for adding a little more bite to your sides this year - and you can make a batch with bacon or pancetta for the meat-lovers.

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Butter Steamed Carrots with Toasted Cumin

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Here’s a little twist for your Christmas carrots - make a batch with toasted cumin for a festive root vegetable side with a difference.

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Zesty and delicious, this fruity recipe is great for impress-your-guests indulgence when when the time comes for dessert - with a touch of Christmas spice for that festive finishing touch.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Wines

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