Meet you at Pimm’s O’clock? These Pimm’s recipes are a collection of cocktail ideas fresh from our very own Morrisons customers, just in time for your summer barbecues, gatherings and of course, Wimbledon Fortnight.

Pimm's Cocktail Ideas

  1. Fresh ‘n’ fruity floats
    “Pimm’s, lemonade, and as much fruit as I have in the kitchen - normally oranges, apples, peaches, strawberries and some lemon.”
  2. Sunshine is served…
    “A dash of Pimm’s, a splash of refreshing lemonade, flavoursome mint, cool cucumber, succulent strawberries and a tall glass filled with ice and decorated with an orange slice - plus plenty of sunshine and laughter! I love my Pimm’s!”
  3. Simply summer
    “Very simple - Pimm’s with Morrisons Ginger Ale, cubes of melon and sliced strawberries.”
  4. A right Royale celebration
    “I love a Pimm’s Royale, generous measure of Pimm’s topped up with Prosecco. I always put a strawberry in the bottom of the glass, a bonus treat at the end of the drink.”
  5. My Sunshine Special
    “For a special occasion, Pimm’s topped with Prosecco and fresh raspberries and passion fruit juice.”

    Pimm's Cocktail Lollies

    Try our frozen Pimm's Cocktail Lolly recipe here >>

  6. Some spritz with your sizzle
    “For a bbq - 1 part Pimm’s No.1, 2 parts lemonade (3 parts depending if the nan's are coming!) over ice with lemons, limes, oranges, cucumber, strawberries and garnished with a sprig or two of mint. Beautiful!”
  7. Anyone for tennis?
    “The perfect Pimm’s needs a blue sky and sunshine. Wimbledon on. My favourite would be Pimm’s, a little gin, ice cold lemonade... cucumber and mint is essential. Plus any berries, all served in a long elegant glass."
  8. I can’t help falling in LUV...
    “My favourite recipe has to be a PIMM'S DEUCE: 1 part Pimm's, 1.5 parts orange juice, 1.5 parts cranberry juice and plenty of ice.”
  9. An ama-zing summer cocktail
    “We make Pimm’s ice cubes - they are so delicious - and we add them to cold drinks. Gives them all a bit of extra zing. We dice up fruit - mainly strawberry, raspberry or blueberries and add them to the tray. The ice cubes make your drink look really refreshing.”