Asparagus is officially in season for 8 weeks, so there’s plenty of time to try it in all sorts of recipes. Here are a few handy pointers and asparagus tips from our chef Mike to help you prepare, cook, serve and make the most of this very versatile spring green.

  1. Cook and eat it as soon as possible after buying...asparagus doesn’t like sitting around in the fridge.
  2. To remove the stalks, just feel for the weak point on the stem and bend.The stalk will break at the point where it changes from tender to ‘woody’.
    Asparagus Tips From Morrisons
  3. When cooking in water (on a light boil), leave the stem in the water and the head(tip) in the steam.
  4. For a more distinctive flavour, brush lightly with olive oil and grill in a preheated grill pan.
  5. Better still, chargrill on the barbie - the smokiness really brings out the natural flavour of British asparagus.
    Asparagus Tips Fresh From Morrisons
  6. Served neither hot or cold, but nice and warm - leave for just a minute or so after cooking but not so long that the spears get soggy.
  7. Use the tough stalks in a soup - they can add an extra ‘edge’ to recipes like this.
  8. Look out for wonky asparagus too - waste not, want not and chop it up for soups and salads.