A warm start to 2017 has led to asparagus springing up a little earlier than usual, in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. Rather than waste it - the spears are as sweet as ever - we’re putting them on our shelves for just £1 per 180g bag.

Spring has sprung a little early this year, which means there’s been more sun to soak up for our farmers’ vegetables. A little like sunflowers, the shoot of an asparagus follows the sun across the sky, and this has encouraged the young stems to ‘do the twist’ as they grow.

Rather than waste the crooked crop, we’re putting them in our stores and online at just £1 per 180g pack*. If you’re cooking up a soup, or chopping them up for a salad, nobody will ever know the difference, so look out for wonky asparagus in store and online.

“We’ve stepped in to buy the crop as we wanted to help growers and put this normally luxury ingredient into the hands of shoppers for just a pound.”
Michael Weightman, Asparagus Buyer at Morrisons

While the early asparagus might not be ‘perfect’ in the looks department, it still tastes tender and sweet - just like the straighter ones.

Recipe inspiration

Warm Asparagus, Chorizo and Poached Egg Salad

*Price correct at time of publishing