When the quiz ideas start to run dry and you need something new to look forward to, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for fun ways you and the little ones can keep in touch with your friends and relatives from home.

Whether it’s sending a letter, a drawing or a photograph, take a look at our top ways to keep in touch with loved ones when you can’t be there in person. 

Get writing

A good old fashioned letter can really bring a smile to your face. How about setting the little ones on with writing to their friends and relatives? Once they’ve exhausted filling them in on what they’ve been up to, they could add poems, stories, or even have a go at writing a few jokes. 

Once the letter is ready to send, don’t forget to add a little decoration to the envelopes too, from flowers to mini masterpieces, now’s the time to get creative! 

Get creating

If letters aren’t your thing, how about a drawing or painting instead? You could set the children on with creating an illustrated storyboard to explain how they’ve spent their week, share ideas and creations they’ve drawn from their favourite stories, or simply have a go at creating their own characters and scenes. 

Documenting your days

Another way to keep everyone in the loop when you can’t be there in person is to create a photo journal. Whether you take pictures on your smartphone to print out at a later date, or use a polaroid camera if you have one, you can really create a wonderful keepsake with a little photo journaling. Plus, sending photo or video snapshots instead of a text can be a great way to spread a little cheer. 

Start a book club

Even though you can’t discuss them in person, why not create your own book club? Post your favourite reads to someone you think would enjoy it, then arrange a suitable time to video call and discuss it. You could even get the children involved by sharing their favourite books too - you could even set a few talking points such as ‘who was your favourite character?’ to help the discussion along.