While it may be a half term like no other before, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves to make it feel like normal. While holidays may have to be parked for a little while longer yet, we’re bringing the holiday to your back garden in our ultimate garden camping guide. 

Whether it’s creating a festival feeling on the lawn, reenacting your favourite sporting events or barbecue inspiration and games to enjoy, we’ve got all the ingredients of one holiday from home to remember. 

Pitch the tent

Whether you dust off the old tent poles and pitch your actual tent in the garden, or simply get creative with blankets, cushions and the washing line, the first rule of garden camping is to get your chill-out space built. When the sun shines you’ll need a shady spot to cool off in, and what better excuse than being on a ‘holiday from home’ to enjoy a little snooze in the garden? If you can’t enjoy a siesta while garden-camping then when can you?!

Prep the barbecue

Nothing says ‘holiday’ more than a barbecue. We’ve got some excellent recipes for you to try too, from your traditional burgers and sausages to veggie kebabs, salads and even whole chickens, check out the tasty recipes below and tuck into a barbecue feast at home. 

Make sure there’s entertainment

From traditional lawn games like swing ball, catch and cricket, to a good old fashioned kick about, there are plenty of options to keep the family entertained when playing outdoors. For something equally as entertaining that requires a little less sporting know how, why not start a game of Barbecue Bingo?

All you need to do is create a tick sheet of events that you think may happen throughout your holiday from home, such as, accidentally burning food on the barbecue, someone winning at cards, an unexpected rain shower or even the kids helping out with the washing up!

Team up, decide on a prize and let the holiday from home unfold as you tick off events on your bingo sheet. From burnt barbecue food to a crowning a new Rounders champion, see how many you and your family can tick off. 

Don’t miss out on your favourite events

Whether you reenact the European Football Championships in your back garden or host your very own Glastonbury Festival in your living room, incorporating a little of the events you’d otherwise miss out on into your holiday from home can go someway into compensating for the real thing. You could watch reruns of your favourite ever sporting moments, find clips of the best ever musical performances online or even play your own version of your favourite TV competitions you’re missing most.