Monday 18th January is known as Blue Monday. It's said to be the most depressing day of the year, thanks to bad weather, the only remnants of the festive season being in the form of credit card bills, and summer generally being a while away. 

But this year, we’re turning it green. 

We’ve got tonnes of ideas for shaking off the notion that 18th January is blue, with plenty of ideas for planting some green shoots to make your year all the more enjoyable.

Even though we might all be staying at home right now, there’s still plenty of positivity out there - take a look at our green ideas this January. 

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” - Alfred Wainwright 

Come snow, wind or rain, there’s joy to be found in the great outdoors all year round. And as the British guidebook author Alfred Wainwright once said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. 


Whether you invest in some properly waterproof boots, an extra layer of thermals or a coat with a hood that stays in place - there’ll be no stopping you getting out and about and exploring your local area. has a great tool for finding local routes near you. You can choose the type of walk you feel like doing, filtering by things like difficulty, facilities and distance. You can also use tools like Ordnance Survey Maps, which you can either purchase a physical copy of or download onto your phone for quick access to maps on the go. 

Introducing Green Pong 

Those with children in the house are sure to have felt the stresses that come with homeschooling recently. From juggling multiple activities, working from home at the same time or simply getting the little ones to concentrate, it’s sure to be a challenge for parents everywhere. We’ve got a fun (and child friendly) twist on a little game you may have heard of. Introducing...Green Pong. 


Set up cups in a classic Beer Pong style, and add a topical question to each one, before taking it in turns to play. 

The aim of the game is to answer as many questions as possible correctly. Correct answers can win a green prize, such as kiwi, apple or grapes, and incorrect answers mean more work!

You could mix up the prizes and include green sweets as prizes for really difficult questions, or even include a green veg they particularly dislike if they get a question wrong. 

Green Cooking

Mix up your menu this Monday with a little green cooking. We’ve got tonnes of plant-based and vegetarian options to try. We’ve included some tasty options below, featuring plenty of green goodness!

Get gardening

All this staying at home has brought out the green fingers in a lot of us, and while it might be a little too chilly for a full garden overhaul, there’s still plenty to be thinking about ready for springtime. 


The odd bit of maintenance throughout the winter months can help keep your garden looking tidy. Sweep up any fallen leaves, check the winter weather hasn’t had any detrimental effects on garden ornaments, outhouses or fixtures, and keep that bird table topped up. 

Continue to cut back any dead flowers - roses can still be pruned in January - and make sure any winter vegetables aren’t subjected to the frost - it’s a good idea to move potato bags into a greenhouse. 

It’s also worth keeping an eye on the snow. Heavy snowfall can settle on greenhouses and flatten certain greenery, so it’s a good idea to brush it off while it’s still fluffy.