Getting out in the garden to enjoy a bit of fresh air can do wonders for the little ones. As well as soaking up some sun, fresh air and space, having a good run around the garden is sure to tire them out for bedtime too!

Take a look at our top ideas for a little garden creativity, from becoming treasure hunters to fence panel artists, the options really are endless…

Activity 1: A garden photoshoot


Whether it’s from a smartphone, a digital camera or a polaroid snap, how about a little creative competition? From close-ups of beautiful blooms to creepy crawlies going about their business, set the little ones on with a photography challenge. Give them a subject to focus on and half an hour to capture it before hosting your very own photography awards. Here are a few categories to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Critters on the move
  • Up close and floral
  • Summer colours 
  • Light and shade
  • Summertime selfies 

Activity 2: Colourful patio chalks


A playground classic, all you need to become a fully fledged patio artist is a set of jumbo outdoor chalks and a blank canvas. 

Hopscotch is a classic favourite to begin with, but why not create more of a challenge? You can add in spins, frog jumps, stomps, leaps and shouts. Remember to make your creations as colourful as possible, the brighter and bolder the better, and don’t worry if your drawings go wrong, a little water will wash it away. 

Activity 3: Become a fence artist 

Now fear not, we’re not suggesting letting the children loose on the fence panels with a tin of paint, however a bucket of water and a large clean paintbrush is sure to while away a few hours! Painting the fence with water is a great way to encourage a little creativity on a large scale without making a permanent style statement in your garden. 

Try experimenting with different size brushes, or even the garden hose! And even though the art will dry up eventually, at least the activity will have doubled up as a good watering from the plants in your garden. 

Activity 4: Create a garden treasure hunt

A treasure hunt around the garden is a great way to spend an afternoon, and it won’t take long to set up either. Try hiding a few small treats in secret spots around the garden, while creating either a treasure map or a set of clues as you go. 

You could use riddles, snippets from nursery rhymes, picture clues or even maths sums if you’re feeling particularly challenging for the children to follow. 

Activity 5: Stone art


All you need for this activity is a few clean stones from the garden, some paints, a space outside to sit and paint and a little inspiration. Painting stones could just provide a nice bit of quiet time after a few hours running around in the garden. Here are a few ideas to start the creativity:

  • Paint large Xs and large 0s for a game of stone noughts and crosses
  • Paint the bugs you’ve spotted in your garden
  • Use the stones to tell a story. You could paint characters and scenery on each and take it in turns to create new storylines. 
  • Self portraits
  • Colourful paperweights