The Sun have launched a single-use mask recycling campaign, Mask Force, in Morrisons stores, to encourage the recycling of single-use masks and help stop the astonishing impact they're having on our planet.

From today, you'll be able to recycle masks in 488 of our stores across the country in special Sun branded bins, provided by ReWorked, a company who specialise in the collection and recycling of harder to handle materials such as masks.

Leading experts have warned Britain will suffer a generation of environmental damage that could go on beyond our lifetimes, because of people throwing away millions of Covid masks, as new stats show that more than 100 million single-use masks are thrown away each week. 

Up to 1,500 tonnes of plastic a month ends up in landfill, where it will take an estimated 450 years to decompose, but more worryingly a large amount of masks are dropped on the ground and end up in our woods, beaches, rivers and seas affecting the ecosystem and wildlife which will wreak havoc on our environment for years to come. 

Mask Force has been backed by Lucie Donlan, Bear Grylls, Gaby Roslin, Jeremy Clarkson, Ben Fogle, and Dr Ranj as well as RSPCA and the Marine Conservation Society.

Bear Grylls said: “Single-use masks are one of the biggest litter problems we have right now, with 100 million masks being thrown away each week. The ones that end up on the floor or in our ocean can damage our amazing wildlife and planet which is incredibly sad. The Sun's Mask Force campaign with Morrison's is a great way to make sure we turn the things that protect those around us into something useful at the end of their life."    

Izzie Glazzard, ReWorked Marketing Manager said: "After seeing predictions that there are now more disposable facemasks in the ocean than jellyfish, we knew action on PPE waste was desperately needed. We are working with The Sun & Morrisons to make mask recycling accessible to everyone. There's no excuse for this plastic waste to continue disrupting fragile ecosystems in the UK."

Jeremy Clarkson said: “... Don’t litter your single-use masks. Put them in one of The Sun’s bins, please.”

Former Love Islander and experienced surfer, Lucie Donlan, said: “It’s awful to see poor animals that we are harming with Covid pollution like these plastic masks."

As a food retailer, we know we depend on a healthy planet to produce the products our customers enjoy and want to buy from sustainable and ethical supply chains. We want to lead on reducing our carbon, plastic pollution and food waste footprint.

David Potts, CEO of Morrisons, said: "The pandemic has had a significant effect on the people of our country. But it has also had a significant effect on the production of waste and a detrimental effect on our countryside and wildlife. We need to work together to clean up. We felt it was our duty to join forces with The Sun and ReWorked to provide facemask recycling facilities and hope the public will make full use of this great initiative." 

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