Having dedicated herself to helping families in London all her life, Sister Jossi is a shining light in her community. We wanted to give her friends and family the chance to say thank you, by throwing a surprise party for the 'Queen of Love'.

She''s helped families all her life, and Sister Jossi now heads up the SteerRight charity - set up in 2011 after the London riots to work with troubled kids who have been expelled or are having problems at home. The bright and bubbly nun is also well known for her random acts of kindness, like going to the supermarket every day and buying chocolate biscuits...then handing them out on the bus.

To thank her for all of her amazing generosity, locals like Duncan Raban came together to throw her a party, with a helping hand from Morrisons.

“She’s like a cross between President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa and Whoopi Goldberg…she really is an amazing lady."

Here’s the moment we surprised our selfless Sister…