As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing the amount of plastic we use, we’re bringing back string fruit and veg bags in our stores. 100% recycled, the bags are a reusable, plastic-free way for customers to stock up on loose fruit and veg.

Earlier this year, we were the first supermarket to start rolling out plastic free fruit and veg areas in our stores*, which means that customers can choose from up to 127 varieties of loose produce. 

You can pick up one of our cotton string bags in store for £1 - starting in our Catcliffe, Guiseley, Halfway and Skipton stores, before seeing them spring up in more stores across the country throughout the rest of the year. 

More about the bags

Our string bags are made from 100% unbleached and untreated recycled cotton. They’re strong, they can be washed, and have been designed specifically to be used again and again. 

You can carry around 8kgs of produce in these bags, which works out to about 26 large baking potatoes, and the holes in the bags are small enough so they can comfortably keep smaller produce such as garlic, new potatoes and kiwis safe. 

Our new flower bags

As well as our string vegetable bags, we’re also introducing a new reusable flower bag. It costs £2, and is made from 100% natural jute, meaning you needn’t use plastic carrier bags when taking home a fresh bunch of flowers either. 

Our top veg recipes

Once you’ve stocked up on your favourite veg with one of our reusable cotton string bags, check out our favourite veg-packed recipes to make the most of our tasty produce:

*The loose fruit and veg areas will be rolled out in 60 Morrisons stores during the course of 2019. They will then continue to be introduced as part of the supermarket’s ongoing store refurbishment programme nationwide – saving even more plastic over time.