We're teaming up with local dairy farmers to bring back long-life glass milk bottles.


We're launching a glass milk bottle trial as part of our drive to tackle climate change. Available in seven trial stores across Kent and four stores around Sheffield, our pint-sized glass milk bottles are yours for just 90p.


Delivered direct to our stores by local dairy farms, our ‘long life’ bottles last for decades without signs of wear and tear. Once returned to store they're collected and sanitised and can be reused for more than ten years! 

Reducing plastic


By working with local dairy farmers to bring back glass milk bottles, delivery of our milk covers a much shorter distance. That means we can cut a whopping 40,000 plastic bottles from our stores per year as well as reduce CO2 emissions.


Natasha Cook, Packaging Manager, from Morrisons said: “We want to help our customers live their lives with less plastic. Reusing glass milk bottles is an easy leap for many people to make because they remember that this was how milk used to arrive on the doorstep. We’re currently talking to other local dairies and hope to be able to roll out glass milk bottles across the country.”